Point research

Viewing individual documents in the archive in order to find the necessary information on family history.

The results are provided in the form of copies or extracts. If desired, official documents (archival certificates, certified copies) can be prepared.

The most popular queries:


  • viewing registry books in order to find the necessary records of the birth/marriage/death of an ancestor;
  • establishing the composition of the ancestor’s family based on materials from confessional statements, audit tales, and population census materials;
  • searching for information about an ancestor’s service in the Tsarist or Soviet army;
  • search for documents on repressed relatives;
  • search for birth/marriage/death records of ancestors in the registry office; 
  • searching for information from house and household books.

It is also possible to select a thematic selection of archival funds and study their inventories for the presence of files potentially valuable to the customer.

Basic archive search provides revision of 3-5 cases. As a result, information about birth of your ancestor and marriage/ birth of his parents can be found. In average a pedigree is determined up to 2 generations "in depth".

Basic archive research
from 200 €
1 mth.
Developing a research strategy
from 150 €
from 1 wk.
Processing of archival files
from 30 €
from 1 wk.