Researching step by step

Genealogical research can be divided into stages. Based on the results of each stage, an interim report is provided, and further work is agreed upon.

Upon completion of all stages, family history can be restored to the mid XVIII – late XVII century.

First stage

First of all, we establish the administrative and parish affiliation of the settlement in which your ancestors lived, and also establish the safety of archival sources, which may contain information on your family tree.

Next, we look through 10 archival sources. In registers of birth we are looking for information about the birth of your ancestor; we establish the names of his parents and grandfathers, their class affiliation and religion. As a rule, information is restored up to the sixth generation.

Ubsequent stages

Further, by desire, in separate batches, we look through the remaining archival documents (registers of birth, revision tales, confession paintings, secondary genealogical sources) in order to deepen and expand the information obtained as a result of the first stage.

The results are provided in the form of a report, copies of documents, or extracts from them. A genealogical chart is also drawn up.

First stage
from 750 €
2 mth.