The genealogical Center Sarmata Recro was founded by the historian Alexander O. Krasovski on October 6, 2016, in Kyiv. One of the main vectors of our activity was the study of local history and conducting genealogical research on the territory of Ukraine.

In the autumn of 2020, Sarmata Recro became an international organization: was founded a cell in Krakow, headed by the explorer Irina Silyaticka. Since that time the geography of our search has expanded to Poland, and our clients have become people from different parts of the world.

Nowadays, we have conducted more than 800 studies. In particular, we have studied the pedigrees of the writer Alexander Dovzhenko, the poet-songwriter Anatoly Poperechny, twice Hero of Socialist Labor Vladimir Plutinsky.

At our center, projects are carried out to create a database of the nobility of Right-bank Ukraine and a general reference apparatus of the archives of Ukraine; and a popular science blog is maintained.

Our mission – is the revival, preserve and popularize of ancestral traditions.