Comprehensive research

A comprehensive genealogical study is a detailed study of the pedigree in the rising line ("deep") for a certain number of generations.

On average, family history is restored to the mid XVIII – late XVII century.

How does the work process work?


Based on the initial data, we conduct an examination: we establish the safety and location of archival sources relating to the history of your family.

Next, our specialist visits the archives, where he studies from 30 sources of genealogical information: parish books, audit tales, confessional statements, recruitment lists, population census results, family lists and other documents.

Based on the identified information, we establish where and how different generations of your ancestors lived (names, years of life, class and religious connection, occupation, family structure, service in the army, land ownership and much more).

After that, we write a report on previous work, consisting of a family tree, and offer copies of documents.

Standard comprehensive study
from 2000 €
4 mth.
Extended comprehensive research
from 3500 €
6 mth.