Genealogical expedition

This service involves a trip to the locality where your ancestors lived in order to identify and collect information regarding the history of your family.

The work plan and the subject of the search are agreed upon individually with the customer.

A genealogical expedition may consist of the following stages:

  • Visiting the local council to view household or house books
  • Conversation with older residents and relatives, the purpose of which is to record oral information
  • Visiting the local cemetery, searching for the graves of relatives
  • Visiting the local churches and museums of folklore
  • Photographing the places where your ancestors lived, and other attractions

It is worth noting that the above steps can be carried out both in combination and separate.

Comprehensive expedition
from 225 €
from 1 wk.
Search for burial
from 75 €
from 1 wk.
A trip to the village council
from 150 €
from 1 wk.