How to Research Pedigree

Before starting the research, it is necessary to collect the initial data on which archival searches will be based. This is where the form you need to fill out will help.

Information can be collected by talking with older relatives: asking them what they know about their ancestors. It is also recommended to check the presence of old family documents at home: they may also contain the necessary information.

The questionnaire must be filled out for the person from whom you want to begin researching the pedigree “in depth” along the ascending line.

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Based on the initially received data, a preliminary examination is carried out: the safety and location of archival sources is established. Our catalogs will help you here.

Next, research work is carried out in the archives, where a huge number of sources of information can be viewed: parish books, confessional lists, audit tales, family lists, marriage searches, population census results and other documents.

You can conduct an archive research yourself, or order from us by selecting one of the services here:

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The results of the genealogical study can be structured as follows:

general description of the research process
family tree
biographical sketches of the life of your ancestors
copies of archival documents

An example of formatting the results can be found here.

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Sarmata работает профессионально, системно, скрупулезно.


Q1. What is required of me to order a study?
Full name, place of birth and approximate year of birth of the person whose line you want to research. Additional information is welcome, but not required.
Q2. What is the cooperation algorithm?
We study your initial data and select the type of research that suits you. We draw up a cooperation agreement (for large orders), you make an advance payment (for small orders in full). Next comes the research itself, after which you get the results.
Q3. What will I get as a result of my work?
By default, a detailed report on the work done, copies of archival documents and a family tree. An estimate of how funds are spent is also provided. Everything is in electronic format. Additionally, the results can be presented in the form of a pedigree painting or a pedigree book.
Q4. Until what period can a pedigree be researched?
Depends on the search region. For Right Bank and Southern Ukraine, this is usually the 1700s. For Left Bank Ukraine and Slobozhanshchina – the 1600s.
Q5. What does the result of the work depend on?
On the accuracy and completeness of the source data, on the safety of genealogical sources and on the professional level of the researcher.
Q6. What guarantees?
Our research is derived from archival sources, copies of which we provide. We also indicate the signature of the information found (number of the fund, inventory, file and sheets), with which the customer can independently contact the archive and check if they have this information.
Q7. How much does it cost?
Cost depends on the type of service. We have a wide range of services, where everyone will find a research package that suits them. Before starting work, we announce a fixed amount.
Q8. Why us?
We are a team of professional historians and genealogists. In our work we use original research technology, the essence of which lies in the maximum restoration of all aspects of the life of our ancestors.